Because of YOU, these and many more major issues were found, and your Clients were warned about them.

We all have horror stories about expensive and life-safety issues we found at Post-Purchase inspections leaving the new owner with no recourse.

A group of Inspectors has been working for you on legislation since last June to protect the Consumer’s Right to have an Inspection. The Inspection Contingency would be removed from the Offer to Purchase. Once the offer is accepted, the Buyer can state if they want an Inspection or not, agree on a timeframe, etc. Penalties are in place if the Seller or Real Estate Agent violate this law.

The resulting Bill, An Act Protecting Consumer Rights in Purchasing Safe and Habitable Homes, has been filed in the House and Senate as of 1/19/23. To read the Bill CLICK HERE

We’ve had top-notch professional help from Attorney Tad Heuer, a Partner at Foley Hoag who drafted a terrific Bill that is being guided through the legislature by Guy Glodis, a highly regarded lobbyist and former State Representative and Senator with over 20 years of experience in State government.

This is a Consumer Protection Bill. It will also have obvious benefits to us Inspectors as well, but our business is a vital Public Service!  Homebuyers should not be pressured to waive their inspection to get their offer accepted. The stakes are too high!

We have received financial commitments from ASHI New England and several Multi-Inspector firms for legal, lobbyist, and website expenses, but we can’t see this through without your help!

We are asking every inspector in the State to donate at least $150 to the effort. We know business is slow and money is tight, and some inspectors have had to find other work, but this is a fraction of One Home Inspection. It’s a small investment that could have tremendous returns for our Profession and the Consumer!